Check it out – my first post!

For some time now, there’s been this little voice whispering in the back of my mind to share some of the places I’ve had the opportunity to work on, or pass through. I hope you don’t plan on reading a lot, because this is intended to be more picture-driven and less, well, wordy. The challenge is that I’m a man of many words (just ask me – I’ll tell you!). So. . . I’ve got that going for me.

Photography is not my full time job – but is an aspect of what I do that I thoroughly enjoy exercising both on the clock and off. Light has played a pivotal role in my career. Arranging, facilitating, and maintaining lighting and controls in architectural/theatrical applications has been at the core of my day to day life for the better part of three decades. As a result, my eyes are constantly seeking out cool shadows, lines of symmetry, and clever forms.

Over the next few posts, you’ll see things settle into a couple broader categories:

  • Stops: my work has taken me to a variety of places. Along the way, I’ve spent my share of time hanging out in airports, train stations, subways, and terminals. The architecture can be quite stunning.
  • Spaces: theaters, museums, restaurants, night clubs, buildings – they’re everywhere! I’ve worked on a bunch of them. Others, I just had the pleasure of visiting.

I might even throw in a few random posts that step out of the framework of Stops & Spaces just for fun.

Let’s see where this all takes us, shall we?